Protect Yourself From Scams

Use these tips to become a smarter consumer and avoid fraud:

  1. Avoid Unsecure Networks: Avoid using your mobile devices on unsecured Wi-Fi such as at airports, coffee shops and restaurants. Using an unsecured network puts you at risk as hackers can intercept data.

  2. Choose Credit option over Debit: When making purchases, choose the credit option vs debit. The credit option offers stronger protection when it comes to fraudulent purchases.

  3. Monitor Your Account / Set Up Alerts: Checking your accounts regularly allows you to quickly identify any unusual or suspicious activity. Alerts can also be set up and sent to your phone or email each time your card is used.

  4. Guard your personal information: Crooks pretending to be from companies you do business with may call or send an email claiming they need to verify your personal information. Be especially suspicious if someone claiming to be from a company with whom you have an account asks for information that the business already has.