The Feel of Money

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The Feel of Money by Shawn Mathey

I'll never forget my sixth-grade field trip to a local bank. I was allowed inside the vault where I actually touched huge stacks of money. Ahhhh! The feel of it! But money takes on a different feel as we get older, and it tends to do most of the touching (not to mention kicking and biting). Money doesn’t always feel so good, after all. And when a well-meaning person or ill-timed advertisement “reminds” you to watch your spending and save more, it tends to backfire and make the feeling even worse. It’s like being told to lay off the dessert while everyone at the table is licking their lips as they devour an entire chocolate cake. Your response? You’re all over that cake in a heartbeat (at least I am). The point is, you don’t want to be told by someone else to save. You have no interest in making a budget that you’re not ready to follow. Maybe what you really want is just to tell another person how money makes you feel. When times are good. When times are bad. If you can begin to identify those feelings and how they affect your financial decisions, then the idea of budgeting and saving might start to make some kind of sense to you personally.

So instead of telling you to budget and save, I’d prefer to ask you a question: How does money make YOU feel? Yes, I’m talking about money and feelings at the same time. A bit much, I know. Still, I feel strongly that this is the path we need to follow if we’re ever going to arrive at a place where money is not the cause of so many bad feelings. I promise not to make you light a candle or do a yoga pose in the shape of a dollar sign. Really! I’m asking you this personal question because I genuinely want to hear your thoughts. Will talking about it make any real difference in your financial life? All you need to make this happen is a safe place and a person you can trust. HCPFCU is that place and I’d like to think that I’m that person. I guess that’s really up to you to decide. Are you up to it? Your money questions. Your feelings. Wow! That’s a bit different from what you might be used to.

Please email me directly at so we can schedule a time to talk. On the phone, or even better, in person at the credit union. This is a new way to think and feel about money and a way to start changing the way money makes you feel. What’s your money question? You can submit your money questions online at: