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Account Rates

  • Term Share Certificates

    Certificates Rate APY**
    12 month Certificates - $2000 Minimum .70% .71%
    24 month Certificates - $2000 Minimum .60% .61%
    36 month Certificates - $2000 Minimum .50% .51%
  • IRA Term Share Certificate

    Certificates Rate APY**
    12 month Certificates - $5000 Minimum 1.05% 1.05%
  • Dividend Declared For The Last Quarter

    Dividend Rate APY**
    Reg Shares: < $1000
    > $1000
    S/Drafts: < $2000
    > $2000
    Christmas Clubs 0.25% 0.25%
    IRAs: < $2000
    > $2000
    1.00% 1.00%
  • Subaccounts

    Subaccount Name Term Rate
    Share Secured   As low as 3.90%*
    New & 1 Yr Old Vehicles Up to 84 Mos As low as 3.40%*
    2 & 3 Yr Old Vehicles Up to 72 Mos. As lows as 3.40%*
    4, 5 & 6 Yr Old Vehicles Up to 60 Mos. As low as 4.40%*
    7 Yrs & Older Vehicles Up to 60 Mos. As low as 5.40%*
    New RV Up to 144 Mos. As low as 5.90%*
    Used RV Up to 120 Mos. As low as 6.90%*
    New Power Sports Vehicles Up to 60 Mos. As low as 8.90%*
    Used Power Sports Vehicle Up to 60 Mos. As low as 8.90%*
    Personal Loan Up to 60 Mos. As low as 7.90%*

* Rates and terms are based on credit worthiness. Rates are current as Jan 7, 2019 - Actual Rates are subject to change without notice.

Late Payment Fee: $20.00 Charged for any payment more than 10 days past due.
Returned Check Payment Fee: $15.00 Charged for a check that is returned unpaid for any reason.
Skip-a-Payment Fee: $25.00 Charged for approved requests to skip a monthly payment.

Other fees may apply - please see the HCPFCU Fee Schedule for additional charges that may apply. 


Fee Schedule


  • Visa Check Card

    Visa Check Card/ATM Withdrawal (At machines we do not own or designate) $0.50
    VISA Check Card/ATM Card Replacement Fee $10.00
    Rush Delivery of VISA Check Card/ATM Card $50.00
    VISA Check Card/ATM Card NSF Fee $20.00
    VISA Check Card/ATM Card Transfer Fee¹ $3.00
    VISA Check Card/ATM Card PIN Change $3.00

    ¹transfer of funds from savings account to cover an overdrawn condition

  • Share Draft

    Share Overdraft Fee (per each item paid) $20.00
    Returned Draft Charge (NSF) $20.00
    Draft Transfer Fee (transfer of funds to cover overdraft condition) $3.00
    Stop Payment Charge $20.00
    Returned Check Charge (deposited checks returned unpaid) $10.00
    Reconciliation Fee (refunded if our error) $20.00
    Draft Photo Copy Charge (copies of paid drafts) after 5th copy in each month $2.00
  • ACH

    ACH NSF Fees (each item) $20.00
    ACH Stop Payment $20.00
    ACH Revoked Authorization Fee $20.00
    ACH Transfer Fee (to cover an overdraft condition) $3.00
  • IRA

    Early Withdrawal Penalty (per each) $15.00
    IRA Inactive Account Fee (per quarter) $25.00
    Transfer Fee $25.00
  • Christmas Club Account

    Early Withdrawal Fee $1.00
  • Other Miscellaneous

    Skip A Payment Fee $25.00
    Late Loan Payment Fee $25.00
    Negative Account Fee (charged after 30 days) $25.00
    Closed Account Fee (if closed within 90 days of opening) $5.00
    Account Statement (other than normal, per page) $2.00
    Official CU Check Charge $5.00
    Official CU Check Stop Payment Fee $25.00
    Wire Transfer Fee (domestic) $20.00
    Wire Transfer Fee (international) $40.00
    Money Order Fee $2.00
    Dormant Account / Inactive Account Fee (each month the account is inactive)
    After 12 months with no activity; excludes fee or dividend transactions
    Bad Address Fee (charge for each piece of mail returned) $5.00
    Counter Check (must order minimum of 5) $0.50
    Non-Member Check Cashing Fee $5.00

Fees are accurate and are effective as of January 1, 2019. You may contact the credit union at 765-962-3172 with any questions.

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